Founders Day

Our species have always marked significant events with beginning dates. The state of Washington was admitted in the Union as the 42nd state on November 11, 1889. Humans first walked on the moon July 21, 1969. The Echo Lake Community was founded May 22, 2019. While it may not be recognized by as many people, it is a significant, historical step for south Snohomish County.

May 22nd has been designated Echo Lake Community Founders Day.

Since the late 1800’s this area has grown from an area known for logging, hunting and fishing to become a rural bedroom community serving the greater eastside of the Puget Sound region. We had over 8000 vehicles coming and going each workday, before the current pandemic. Roughly 3500 other people call this home. So in 2019 this community decided it was time to recognize our shared values, lifestyle, challenges and future.

Over the last year we have discovered our neighbors, made new friends, learned more about what makes this community unique. We are made up of young and old, new arrivals and those that have been here over 45 years. We have shared our frustrations, joys, risks, concerns and values through local social media, website and in-person gatherings. These are the elements that help define a community.

Over the last few decades the Echo Lake Community has evolved to include...

  • 1500+ Homes

  • Home Based Businesses

  • Farms

  • Paved Roads

  • Two Public Accessible Lakes

  • Golf Course with private lake

  • Church

  • Private Air Strip

  • Natural Gas Pumping Station

  • Local Gas Station

  • Local Grocery Store

  • Fire Station

That is a lot of community development mostly in the last few decades. So in the spring of 2019 the essence of all this development was recognized and brought into focus as a group of local folks sought to “Build a rural community that is safe, strong, resilient and inclusive through neighborhood connections and community services”. They organized as a non-profit corporation operating on behalf of the community. All residents are members and encouraged to participate. Public open communication has been streamlined through Next Door, Facebook, Email, Newsletter, and this website. Emergency services are being developed in event of a local disaster.

The Echo Lake Founders Day is a historical marker that will continue to remind us that we are a unique community of neighbors bound together by our rural heritage and how we care for one another. As we raise our children in this place, they will have memories and tell stories to their children of the place where they grew up, called the Echo Lake Community.

Due to the current pandemic we are unable to celebrate Echo Lake Community Founders Day together this year, better times will follow and we can again come together and celebrate Echo Lake Community Founders Day.