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Join The CERT Team

When a disaster happens in the Echo Lake Community, a team of first responders will quickly address damage assessment, provide assistance and coordinate recovery resources. The Community Emergency Response Team is trained to safely assess and help the community following a disaster such as an earthquake. If you would like to train and become part of this community organization, please reach out to our CERT manager.

There are many ways to help the community during a disaster. We are stronger because of the varied skills people bring to the event, however we are not merely a collection of willing participants. The response to any emergency requires a baseline of knowledge and organization. We have developed a robust emergency response plan based on best practices of other communities and tailored to our unique needs.

We adhere to the same structure used by all emergency responders in the nation. This provides maximum effectiveness to save lives, property and helps assure our coordination with outside services.

To assure all the components of a response work together as a team, we will be training and practicing in 2021, hopefully before a disaster happens.

Our Emergency Operation Center will have several active functions to maintain operations and provide medical aid as needed. In addition there will be field units operating in the community on the many local roads.

Emergency Worker Program

The Emergency Worker Program is managed by the Echo Lake Community Group on behalf of the community and the volunteer staff. During an emergency activation, the CERT team will be composed of individuals with varying degrees of experience and various levels of certification. A pre-approved Emergency Worker provides enhanced security for the community, personal identification and incident insurance provided by the State. Anyone over 18 can apply. The following links provide the documents to submit for the Emergency Worker Program.

ELCG Registration Card

ELCG Background Disclosure

Emergency Worker Card Process