Echo Lake Community

St Patrick's Day...

Joe Beaulieu is very proud of his Irish blood!
So why not celebrate with his whistle, friends and neighbors on Echo Lake. Even in the midst of a pandemic, great days do exist.


Welcome to our corner of paradise. Our rural community is composed of thirty-eight hundred people living near Echo Lake, Snohomish County, State of Washington, USA.

We may be small, but we are friendly folks working to make the world a better, safer place.

This is quite possibly the place where all the men are good looking, all the women are strong and all the children are above average.

You can view our community on this MAP.

You can learn more about YOUR COMMUNITY.

Survey Results Released

Echo Lake, WA - 29April2021. The results of the 2021 community survey were presented last night as well as the plans for 2021 and beyond. The presentation and video are now available. If you have further comments, please forward them to .

Community Parade - Coming

Early Sunday Afternoon June 20

Plan to be a part of the Echo Lake community car parade to honor all learners, educators, parents (who had to step in as educators-at-home) and especially 2021 high school and college graduates. To celebrate the last week of school for the Monroe School District, the community is preparing to honor and acknowledge all those who rode out the ‘20-21 Covid learn-from-home storm to pursue education and learning. All vehicles (classic, antique, 2-wheeled, decorated or “plain Jane”) are invited to drive in the parade route used last July 4. If you can safely invite grandparents and family, plan a celebration picnic and be a driveway waver, honker, or pan banger along the parade route. Join the celebration for teachers, learners, and graduates and their parents–either by driving in the parade or by cheering from your driveway. This community plans to celebrate success!

For Graduates: If you have a 2021 high school or college graduate to fete that day, please send your student’s name and your email contact information to

Islands of Isolation

At a recent international educational event, Jason Biermann was invited to speak about impact due to earthquakes in our region and more specifically Snohomish County.

This presentation directly pertains to our community and establishes the framework and emphasis for our Community Emergency Response Team.

Some may say this will never happen, however it has happened to others and we are not immune to earthquakes.

Please take the time to watch this video.

Coronavirus & the Echo Lake Community

We know everyone is wanting the county to move to something closer to normal. For the latest Covid-19 information pertaining to Snohomish County, all the latest data and trends can be found HERE. It is important to remain informed about the current conditions and what that means to your family. As the pandemic continues into 2021 everyone needs to maintain their safe space and protect those around you. It maters that everyone be safe. We are stronger together and when it comes to the pandemic, that includes the county and region.

For more information the following links are provided for a wider perspective.

Here a couple of couple quick downloads

This could also be a time to consider the well-being of your neighbors, remembering ‘We are stronger together’. There are governmental agencies working to prevent the spread of Covid-19 but at the core of prevention is personal preparedness! The Echo Lake Community Board is also staying abreast of the situation. If there are developments that more directly impact our community, we will issue local alerts. For now, follow the above guidelines and understand this too will pass and life will return to normal.

Personal Protection

We had a great presentation by Sgt. Rebecca Lewis to a packed house, learning about how to protect ourselves and avoid potentially bad situations. We will be hosting more speakers in 2020, so stay tuned!

Snohomish County neighborhood organizes own emergency preparedness plan

Echo Lake Traffic

There is a growing concern in the community over traffic safety and it's impact on people and wildlife. Excess speed on our roads has taken several deer and other creatures. Thankfully no humans have been killed. New signage and increased patrols are intended to calm and make our roads safer.

If you are driving please slow down and watch for others along the road. If you are walking, running or riding a bike, please wear bright clothing that can be easily seen. We have all chosen to live a safe rural lifestyle, so lets preserve what we have through our actions. Thank You.

The Great Echo Lake Boat Parade of 2019

Sunday, Dec 15, 2019

It was a fun affair. Nine people decorated their boats in holiday style with lights and other things.

Everyone had fun putting this event together, and even more fun on the water at dusk. There were viewing parties on shore to watch the boats parade around the lake as darkness washed the scene and the dazzling lights took charge.

Everyone found their favorite float but everyone enjoyed the holiday spirit and good times at Echo Lake.

Our community is so lucky to have events like this, just for fun. This is an annual event, so look forward to next year when you can join in on the fun.

Click here to see photos of the event.

National Community Award

The National Association of Town Watch has awarded the Echo Lost Lake Community Group the Rookie of the Year Award for 2019 for their outstanding performance and participation during the National Night Out event.

The Echo Lake group with more than 50 volunteers, attracted over 320 people, provided live music, free ice cream, Fire Truck, Sheriff, County Communications Truck , community services displays and collected 265 pounds of food for the local food bank.

We are bringing neighbors in our community together through this national program. This program was developed by FEMA specifically for communities and neighborhoods. For those that participate, this program will save lives and greatly improve the quality of life following a disaster. The program is FREE but requires participating households to provide some information to their neighbors.


Every little bit counts

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