Echo Lake Community

Bald Eagle
Stunning and Beautiful in his backyard
by Wayne Peterson

Welcome to our corner of paradise.  Our rural community is composed of thirty-eight hundred people living near Echo Lake, Snohomish County, State of Washington, USA. 

We may be small, but we are friendly folks working to make the world a better, safer place.  

This website is provided by a group of volunteers working to improve our community and believing our collective voices are stronger with each additional community member.

This is quite possibly the place where all the men are good looking, all the women are strong and all the children are above average.

More photos of our corner of the world can be found in Gallery.

Adopt-A-Highway Project
Recognized by DOT

Eastbound and westbound signs have now been erected by the Washington State Department of Transportation (DOT) on SR 522 at both exits to Echo Lake Road.  Signs recognize the on-going commitment made by community volunteers to regularly remove trash from the roadsides.  This is one of the projects of Echo Lake Community Group (ELCG) meant to make our community inviting and welcoming.  It takes all of us to keep our roadsides clean.  A special thanks to Janet Macher for spearheading this project and working with DOT to keep our roads clean and restoring community pride.

Washington Tsunami Simulation

Our biggest natural disaster risk is earthquake.   When the big one happens it will cause massive distruction in the area and the resulting Tsunami will impact the coast, Puget Sound and all ports.  This simulation demonstrates what we can expect.  Even though most of us do not live near the water, it will impact the ports that support us.

For the residents of Echo Lake Community, you can subscribe to email to be kept informed.    Stay in the loop, join the group!      

New Information

Emergency Sanitation - yup... That is poo and pee  

How to keep your family safe.  For all the details, see our new page.

You can now post classified ads!

You can now post personal or business ads in The Lakes Echo newsletter.  Someone you know having a birthday or other special day, submit a classified ad in the next month's newsletter.  Do you have a local business that needs some exposure, submit a classified ad in the next month's newsletter?  With increasing readership, your message will surely make an impact.  Check-out the classified ad guidelines.

Join us in building a stronger community. 

ELCG is a group of volunteers working to improve our community.   Formed in 2019 to develop a Community Emergency Response effort here in our community.  While we live in a populated area of the Pacific Northwest, we are at risk of being isolated in an emergency if the road in/out of our community becomes impassable.  The emergency response plan has been developed and is currently building a team of responders.  Look for more information on the Programs tab of this website. 

But the people of our community didn't stop at emergency preparedness...  

This very website was formed as a resource to the Echo Lake Community.  In addition, a monthly newsletter is published, events and parades are happening within our community, your neighbors are starting conversations about Neighborhood Watch, traffic and speeding, walking paths, wildlife, a community welcome sign and a park!  There is also an annual survey conducted and an email established so your voice can be heard -   Our collective voices are stronger with each additional community member.  

We are Stronger Together

The above link takes you to Square to make a contribution to ELCG. 

Echo Lake Community Group is on PayPal and Venmo for electronic donations.  Contact us for check or cash.                           ELCG is a 501(c)3

... You Can Help

Since 2019 we have worked to bring together people, ideas, dreams,  and issues with openness and a desire to make this community safer and more connected.

The community group has been successful and enjoyed the journey, but we need your assistance.  Our annual survey provides some input into the concerns and willingness of the community to get involved.  That need for input and assistance is an ongoing need.

The leadership often discusses the need to enrich the most important resource in this community.... You.  There are so many ways you can contribute;  leadership, training, comments, assist with projects, etc.

To improve our focus, we invite you to join us in making this community a better place to live.  If you have additional ideas to improve what we do, please get involved.

Dragonfly Farm

The Dragonfly Farm is the ONLY Licensed and registered Mini Pig and Holland Lop Farm in WA.  They raise Holland Lops and Mini Pigs in beautiful in the Echo Lake Community. Their goal is to provide the best quality animals for your family. 

Your best friend just might be waiting for you to stop by the farm.