There are two resources that fuel any organization, agency, or business.  People & money.  While we are always asking for helping hands with specific projects, we find it difficult to ask for operating funds.  Many times, the cash is found out of the pockets of the leadership.  While these gifts are great, they just don't allow for larger projects.  That is where you come in.  We are asking for your financial support.  

The Echo Lake Community group is a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit.  As such, all donations are tax deductible by the giver.  All donations and expenditures are documented by our Treasurer and subject to review.  No funds go towards payroll or for the benefit of anyone in the organization.

Our Mission.

Thank you for contributing.  It benefits the community as a whole and hopefully elevates the quality of life and safety of this community.

The following option are provided to make it easy to donate.  In addition the old standby is still good as gold.  Contact for more information.


The effortless way to send funds of any size to our 'General Fund' at the bank.  

Direct deposit into the ELCG 'General' fund.  Please CLICK HERE for PayPal donations.


Direct deposit into the ELCG 'General' fund.  THIS LINK WILL APPEAR SOON.


Direct deposit contribution into the ELCG 'General' fund.  Click logo to the left or HERE to donate.

Block Party 2023

Contribution to the Block Party.  Click card to the left or HERE to donate or participate as vendor.