Publishing  The  Newsletter

The Lakes Echo

Our newsletter is an ongoing project that creates a new edition each month.  Several people are involved in its creation and publication.  The content is new and different each month.

The staff presents information and stories to enlighten, encourage and just inform the local community.

Writers Needed

If you would like to submit an article, please contact the staff at newsletter@echolakecommunity.orgBe aware, we avoid political and religious topics because they quickly become controversial, which detracts from the general mission of the newsletter. 

Subjects Needed

If you have an idea and can do some background research, the staff may be able to take it from there and write an article.  Please submit your idea to


If you have historical information about the community, please let the staff know.  We need more information about how this place came into being.   Please submit your historical perspective to

Your Feedback

As you read the copies of the newsletter please let our staff know you like something or not.  That feedback is important to fine tune future editions of the newsletter.   Please submit your feedback to .