Stay Informed

Some disasters are predictable and receiving warnings in advance can help you better prepare for the event. Here are options to get first hand, accurate information for alerts, warnings, training and disaster updates.

Sign up for Alert Sense to receive emergency alerts notifying you of evacuations, crime/imminent danger and local area emergencies. 

Alert Sense

Alert Sense is a free service that informs you of critical information prior to, and during disasters.  For example if there is a dangerous weather system heading our way, Alert Sense will broadcast the warning and indicate its intensity.  It's a great service paid for by your tax dollars, so you need to sign up now.  To sign up for the service click HERE.

Snohomish County ALERTS

Sign up to receive emergency alerts and severe weather warnings that could directly impact you and your family.  This service, powered by AlertSense, allows fire, police and other emergency response agencies to issue emergency alerts to warn citizens of events such as need for immediate evacuation, crime/imminent danger, and local area emergencies.   To sign up for this free service, click HERE.

Emergency Radio Stations

When all commercial cell towers fail, the power is out and the internet is down, we need to stay up to date with conditions in the region.  Some radios stations are designed to provide that service, regardless of the disaster.

Designated radios stations in Snohomish County include: 

Designated radios stations in King County include:

Emergency Weather Radio

There are two NOAA resources of particular interest in our area.  These are operational 24/7 and provide up to date information.  These are especially important if we experience a weather related disaster.  They can be accessed with a weather radio or some (part 90) ham radios.

Puget Sound Marine Weather- WWG24 - 162.425 MHz - Transmitting 90 Watts from Port Townsend, WA

NOAA Regional Weather - KHB60 - 162.550 MHz - Transmitting 100 Watts from Cougar Mountain.

Know a Ham Radio Operator

When regional communications fail, your local Ham Radio operators will be there to help.  They are licensed by the FCC and trained to provide emergency communications in time of need.  Find one near you and get to know them.  They may be your lifeline during a disaster.  Some hams can get messages outside the area.