Following a major disaster such as an earthquake, many systems will have broken.  There is one, we don't like to discuss.  What to do with our poop and pee when our current system does not work.  Not handled correctly will lead to illness or worse.  This is nasty stuff, but there is a regional guide available that will be of enormous benefit to your family.  Please take the time to look over the material and prepare.

Several recent disasters in the United States have caused damage to portions of water and wastewater systems, leaving major metropolitan areas without access to clean water and flushable toilets for prolonged periods. This has exposed the need for U.S. cities to improve post-disaster sanitation management plans and educate communities on how best to manage human waste. The need is even greater for those of us living in the Pacific Northwest. The Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake will create a regional disaster unlike anything the U.S. has ever experienced, and it will take time for outside assistance to arrive.

Emergency Toilet Guidebook  -  Yep. I said it...

 It’s a real thing.  Sanitation. No one wants to talk about, but it is a growing concern in times of crisis.  There is an "Emergency Toilet Guidebook" and project Background that discusses the Cascadia Subduction Zone and Pacific Northwest.  It discusses the Twin Bucket System, Pit Toilets, and Septic Systems.  

The following is a summary, however if you want the full document (recommended) you are encouraged to download the Emergency Toilet Guidebook.

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RDPO Disaster Sanitation Campaign - Rack Card (ALL).pdf