The Leaders


Wendy Wester


My husband and I moved to 138th in 2013.  Beyond President, my primary focus is on Community Events. Prior to my current career as a real estate agent, I owned a multi-location Los Angeles based aviation service company for 27 years. My experience operating a competitive business required strengths in the areas of planning, organization, customer service and attention to detail. In 2019, I was involved in the planning of the first National Night Out. I look forward to utilizing my experience to help create bonds between neighbors and strengthening our community. In my recreational time, I enjoy taking our '55 truck for a drive, participating in local car shows, and camping.

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Mike Call

Vice President

.... TBD

Marcus Erickson


Marcus is a retired Mechanical Engineer and has lived in the Echo Lake area since 1992.  His interests include off-road motorcycling, garage projects and road tripping.  He has been a volunteer with the Northwest Motorcycle Association and currently serves as treasurer for Cascade Family Motorcycle Club.  He was raised on the family farm in Oregon but his first job out of college was in Southern California - where he learned to really appreciate the rural lifestyle he had left – but to which he eventually was able to return.

 Marcus was married to his wonderful wife for 29 years prior to her passing in 2020.   He has two fine adult daughters.

Rena Connell


Rena Connell grew up in a small, tight-knit, grain farming community in rural Central Montana. She has lived in the Echo Lake area since 1987 when she married her husband Wayne.  She had moved here from Billings, MT where she served as the executive director of a non-profit agency serving the families of children with handicapping conditions.  Here she served families in the Monroe School District with infants and toddlers who had delays and disabilities for over 20 years.  She and Wayne live in the home where they raised their two daughters and now have three grandchildren in WA and OR.  She believes that the Echo Lake Community can create a neighborhood that extends hospitality and includes all people in our vision of a caring, compassionate community. 

Carolyn Lacy

After living in Redmond for 28 years, Carolyn Lacy arrived in the Echo Lake community on Labor Day 2002, following construction completion of the retirement home she and her husband, Curtis, had planned.  Her career included teaching on the high school and college levels, legal secretary, and owner/operator of an executive suite in a downtown Bellevue mid-rise tower.  The executive suite provided business services and office space to entrepreneurs and corporate branches.  In retirement, she served as office administrator for her Seattle church.  In the Echo Lake community, she enjoys the natural environment, birding, the daytime book club, and listening to classical music.  She produces The Lakes Echo monthly for our community.

Shannon Vogler