The Echo Lake Community Group is changing the ways we communicate with you. This is necessary because our following has outgrown email - and that is a GOOD thing! Our four main channels for sharing information will be:

Google Groups:

This will deliver messages directly to your email and you can customize the info you receive. We have 9 separate areas of interest. Join one or all of them but please join us today because some of the info posted here will not be available elsewhere. You can find all these on the Join Us page.


We get raves from everywhere including Snohomish County! Use the community website as a resource for everything from the community calendar, info on schools and local utility services, emergency preparedness, to find businesses in our community and things to do! Bookmark this site NOW. Kudos to our website guru who works hard to keep it fresh so return often!


We have set up a new group just for the Echo Lake Community. Click the link and join us here: By joining the group, our posts will show in your regular Nextdoor home page feed. Easy-peasy!

Facebook page:

For those that have Facebook, please join us as "Echo Lake Community" and then "Like" & "Follow" us so our posts will appear in your feed. This Facebook page will be a great place to get monthly tips on how to prepare your families for an emergency!

The Leadership Group is comprised of 8 households but there are about 1500 more homes in this community and we want you all to be a part of what we are doing. Whether you are helping with planning, organizing, volunteering, attending events, providing feedback or receiving information from our communications. Join us today!

This is YOUR community! Until we hear from you, we can only guess what you and this community needs or wants. We have no hidden agenda and the members of Leadership Group are only benefiting by gaining new friends and getting to know neighbors. We are open to feedback always. Email us at:

Meet the Echo Lake Community Officers. These people give their time and talents to support this community.