There are projects in the community that benefit the overall community. Some are small, short term projects and some take much longer. The following are active projects. If you would like to help with any of these projects, please let us know. Most projects proceed at a pace directly proportional to the number of people involved. If you are inspired, please contact us and join in the rewarding efforts. If you have a project in mind and willing to help with its development, please contact us.

Echo Lake Walking Path

A number of people in the Echo Lake neighborhood like to walk for exercise, fresh air, and many other reasons.

Since our neighborhood does not have sidewalks, or safe ways to walk along the roads we looked at some solutions to increase roadside safety without changing the speed limit and improve the pedestrian experience.

We contacted Snohomish County to see what options are available and discovered they do not have the budget to improve the shoulder of the roadway to enhance walkability.

Following the suggestions offered by Snohomish County, the following outlines the project:

● For property owners on the Echo Lake loop, a pathway could be added in the dedicated county right of way portion of the property

● Proposed pathway would be approximately four feet wide, covered with wood chips

● A wood chip path is consistent with the rural feel of our neighborhood

● County dedicated right of way is 30 feet. That is 30 feet on each side of the roadway centerline.

● The Echo Lake walking path is a project that addresses both the traffic and safety issues around the Echo Lake Loop while also improving the quality of life for the larger Echo Lake Community.

● Each property that is converted would be a space where people can detour off the road and be safe while walking.

● Pathways can be installed by the homeowner alone, or with the assistance of a volunteer team of community members.

● This is not an all or nothing project. Even just adding a few properties will make this effort a success.

● Let your property be a part of the walking path around the lake. As more neighbors build paths on their property, we will connect a larger path and the community.

First segment of new path!

First Segment of New Path

This property on North Echo Lake Road has added a wood chip walking path per the County suggestion. Feel free to go try it out, and think about how something like this might work on your property.

Have you stopped walking around Echo Lake because of traffic volume or speed?

Would you like an alternative to walking on the road?

As a driver, would you like to NOT have people walking on the road?

Would you like this area of the community to be safer?

The Echo Lake Community Group Walking Path Team would like to develop, then maintain a pathway around Echo Lake for safety's sake and the enjoyment of the entire community.

If you live on Echo Lake, please help make this a reality by adding a path on your property right of way or supporting this project in other ways.

If you don't live on Echo Lake but would like to get pedestrians off the pavement and improve road safety, your donations would be extremely helpful.

Please contact us at

The Project Continues to Expand

Located on 131st, which is the road on the West side of Echo Lake, this section of walking path improves traffic safety and quality of life for the larger Echo Lake Community.

New Right-Of-Way Walking Path

The generosity of neighbors to convert the dedicated county right of way portion of their property for a greater good is heartwarming. It is also an incredible gift for all to use.