Photo Gallery

Owl at Nest

Young Owls in Nest

Echo Lake.. Tourist?

Eagle at Echo


Spring Gardening

Barred Owl

Local Cairns

Common Local Sign

School Bus Stop

Local Black Bear

Great Blue Heron


Skating (Echo Lake)

Trumpeter Swans on Echo Lake

Echo Lake

Roadside Display

Lost Lake

Gathering (Lost Lake)

Local Classic

Lost Lake

Echo Falls Golf Hole

Echo 'Falls'

Owls Staying Home

Disaster Prep Classes


This is MY path

Hungry Kids

Live Music (NNO)

Fire Department (NNO)

Games at National Night Out

Friends/Neighbors (NNO)

Face Painting (NNO)


Mr. Frog

Fall Leaves

Personal Protection Class

Eagle On River

Visiting Otters

Bear Enjoying A Swim


Dropping in for a visit

Goat - Little Red House Farm

Santa 2019

Boat Parade - 2019

Arrival of 1500 Rainbow Trout March 2022

The same Rainbow Trout March 2022