Echo Lake Community Block Party

Investing in your community

On August 6, 2019, this community brought together almost 300 adults and children for the National Night Out. This first community-wide event in the greater Echo Lake area was organized by a team of dedicated people and supported by many more volunteers. Our event was a community “block party” and included: free ice cream, live music by Tomahawk Ridge, visits from the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department; a huge red Fire District #7 truck, a communication van used by the Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management, kids' activities, exhibit tables with information about water, wildlife and emergency planning and much, much more. The community came with produce and food donations for Maltby Food Bank. A "Bearcat Basket" raffle helped raise funds for the Monroe Public Schools Foundation’s Emergency Needs Program - their goal is to place a disaster preparedness kit in every classroom in our school district.

It was an incredible time for everyone - but the work to strengthen our community is not finished. It is hoped this annual event will kick off other community-building efforts among neighbors as we get to know each other better and begin the process of trust-building.

Your donation of funds, time and talent are needed to offer our community another celebration at the Community Block Party & Artisan Market on August 29. This event requires both funding and volunteer support, so consider this an investment in a stronger community here.

We thank you for your support as we continue to build "community" in our neighborhoods!

Donation to the Community General Fund

A community can be defined by a physical boundary or by the people living within. I believe a community provides an opportunity to support one another and gives us a sense of belonging.

In June of 2019, eight people in the Echo Lake area began a journey to build a rural community that is safe, strong, resilient and inclusive through neighborhood connections and community services. We have worked hard to foster that sense of belonging by hosting events, activities and keeping the community informed.

We have reached a critical point in our journey. We need to know if you believe our mission is important enough to help make it successful. Our community deserves more than a handful of volunteers investing their time and money.

We are asking for you to consider donating to this worthy cause. The few volunteers just don't have the resources to do what needs to be done. Your support will impact the entire community. Please consider a donation by using the following link. It's easy and will have an impact! Thank You.

If you have any questions about donating to this community, please contact:

Upcoming Community Development

Funding Is Still Needed:

Our future community trust-building activities include plans requiring additional funding to:

    1. Train volunteer leaders to facilitate emergency planning for their closest 12-15 households using the 9-step “Map Your Neighborhood” program and jointly offering a neighborhood crime watch option.

    2. Offer additional "community emergency response training."

    3. Develop the communications network for the Echo Lake Community, including an emergency response plan to support and notify the community. The "Lost Echo Hams" radio operators provide emergency communication when all public systems have failed.

    4. Connect more potential radio trainees to countywide ham licensing classes and develop communication infrastructure.

    5. Expand interest group social offerings to build community camaraderie and trust. Interest groups are based on sign-ups at National Night Out and feedback from questionnaires completed by community members. This includes how to prepare our homes and personal vehicles for a natural disaster, how to support clean lakes and streams, how to co-exist with wildlife, gardening and a new daytime book club.

    6. Plan additional community-wide social events to connect neighbors.