We all need to obtain prep supplies.  There are many suppliers to choose from online, but the following are a few recommended suppliers.

Moore Medical

Moore Medical can be expensive if you order in small quantities, but if you compile a large order and wait for their regular specials (frequently 15-20% off, occasionally up to 30% off) you can do well compared with other suppliers.  They have exceptionally courteous customer service. You might want to get on their mailing list.  Go to:


Medical expendables are not really their speciality, but due to recent changes in policy good deals can be found with reasonable shipping charges. They run frequent sales so be sure to get on their mailing list.  Go to:


They will sometimes have very competitive prices on gauze, Band-Aids, Coban and other general First Aid supplies.  They have free shipping. They are worth a browser bookmark.  Go to: (Walgreens)


Chief Supply

They primarily support CERT and Search and Rescue organizations but may have what you are looking for.  Good deals if this equipment fits your needs.  Go to:

L.N. Curtis and Sons

Breathtakingly expensive, but if you need specialized gear they will have it.  Go to:


Not always the least expensive, but it'shard to beat their selection for a one-stop, brick adn mortar store here in the Pacific Northwest.  If you have never been to one of their stores, allow a minimum of two hours for your first visit.  If you are into shooting sports or fishing, double that.  Go to:

MRE Star

For freshly manufactured MRE's (Meals Ready To Eat).  Go to:


Not always the best prices, but good deals can be found here.  They do have an extensive "Emergency Preparedness" section.  Go to:

Harbor Freight

If you don't need the very finest, professional-grade tools or parts and would prefer to save some money instead.  Go to: