Local Talent

We have neighbors with talents that surpass the normal. If you have something you would like to share with the community, this is the place. Many of us have cultured new skills and meaningful pursuits during the pandemic stay-at-home time. Now it's time to show off what you've got. Please email your submission to eventsdirector@echolakecommunity.org .

A Tale of Triumph

By Quinn Searle, Echo Lake Community

Monroe High School Class of 2021 Poet Laureate

It is not too distant a possibility that someday, somewhere, children will clamor for our voices.

They will ask again and again for the story

The tale told first to unwilling ears, then to curious peers, then to our daughters and sons,

Until it becomes routine, and routine becomes tradition, so that the children gather round

In a semicircle, clamoring for our voices to tell

How we persevered.

We will say with voices strong how each year was a new test,

How every year was a step further, a little longer

Of a journey to a place the teachers always spoke of with hushed tones.

The mystic graduation, and the diploma of doom that heralded

Getting big, getting old, becoming an adult,

If we persevered.

There were mountains with craggy trails and vultures that circled high above

And there were forests with beasts innumerable that haunted our every step.

But we kept going, didn't we.

And every year, every step, there was something new that gleamed on the horizon

Some spark rekindled in our hearts

To go on, and persevere

We braved the mires of apathy, escaped the quicksand of sorrow

With the helping hands of friends and mentors

That goaded us forward, gave us the tools that the next year would require

And even when we faltered, despite what we had passed through

We found our courage once more

And persevered again.

So when the pandemic locked us in our homes,

and bound us to our screens with a newfound curse.

We felt the craggy trails, the eyes of the beasts

Both come crashing upon our shoulders, feeling like too many textbooks in our backpacks

So it was hard to persevere

Here the children gasp, and ask frantic questions

“Did you survive, did you win?”

And perhaps, there's not too distant a possibility, that we will smile

And say that yes, we thrived,

We persevered.

Penguin Paper Art

by Hailey Woods

Rock Art by Hailey Woods

by Hailey Woods

Woodland Trail

by Evelyn Parker

Floating Chain Platform

by Wayne Connell

"Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would." - E. V. Rogina

Photo by Phil Hanlon, Echo Lake

It's springtime, longer and warmer days ahead.

A time to greet old neighbors, A time to meet new neighbors.

by Phil Hanlon & Road dog photos

‘Twas December “Round The Lake

By Mara Williams

Twas the month of December when all around the lake,

The neighbors were quarantined, stuck home, no escape.

They looked out the windows, saw animals galore;

Bobcats and squirrels, swans, duck, fish and more.

Shopping this year, went online that’s true,

But supporting the locals was a boost through & through.

Aged comforts and traditions started growing each day;

Fresh trees from the tree farms, the lights up Turkey Day.

The year of the pandemic has caused us much fear,

We worried about family and friends we hold dear.

But within all the panic and strife and unrest,

Came feelings of love as we all did our best.

For around all the streets and driveways and phones,

Came a glow of real families, finding joy in their homes.

New crafts were discovered, more books now were read,

Our bedrooms, now havens with movies in bed.

The spirit of the holidays couldn’t keep us down, no way;

This year we are thankful, big-hearted each day.

As we count-down to New Year’s, we continue to care,

For neighbors and loved ones, a community we share.

Take time for the small stuff, the old and the young;

The hearts they are tender, with still much to come.

Cherish each day with each night you adjourn,,

Stay focused and present, the tide soon will turn.

Wave to your neighbors and spread some good cheer,

Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good year!

Cairns of 228th

by Rena Connell

Painting by Evelyn Parker

A lonely pond in age-old stillness sleeps . . .

Apart, unstirred by sound or motion . . . till

Suddenly into it a lithe frog leaps.

- Matsuo Basho

Painting by Evelyn Parker

Collage by Susan Akers-Smith, Echo Lake

Oil Painting by Evelyn Parker, Echo Lake

Memorial Day Remembrance

Thomas Beaulieu is saluted by his son Joe Beaulieu. Joe and Ann Beaulieu also hororing all those who have served.

Memorial Day Remembrance

Ray Connell is saluted by his son, Wayne Connell. Ray was inducted into the U.S. Army at age 19. He served during WW II, landing at Utah Beach on the fourth day of the D-Day Allied invasion to free the German-occupied port at Cherbourg to liberate France and ultimately all of Europe. He returned home after the war to help rebuild the nation and his ownlife.

We remember all those that have served the many wars.