Finding Us

The Echo Lake Community

This community incorporates everyone living in areas accessible by Echo Lake Road, south of the State Route 522. There are only two roads that access this area of about 1500 homes.

The Echo Lake Community encompasses 7.1 square miles.

The Emergency Operations Center has been established at the Echo Lake Community Church on Lost Lake Rd, which is centrally located in the community. During emergencies this will be the command, control, and communications for all recovery operations.

Our community is located around Echo Lake and Lost Lake in south Snohomish County of Washington State. We are fortunate to be in the great northwestern corner of the United States, between the Cascade mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

Our climate is mostly moderated by the Pacific Ocean; therefore the region is green year round.

Our Online Community

While we all live in the physical community, we also have a presence in virtual space on the internet. This has become the social meeting place for many folks. So we have here the various ways to connect to the 'Virtual Echo Lake Community'. If you know of other virtual points of contact for this community contact

Community Email

This is one of the standard methods to receive community notices from time to time. We strive to inform and receive input from as many households as possible. This is the community groups primary method of connecting with you. Click HERE if you would like to be added to our Email list. If you are currently receiving our Emails and would like to change your address or be removed from the list, please contact

Sharingwood Cohousing Community

Sharingwood is a neighborhood of 28 homes located near Lost Lake. Sharingwood is a mixed aged community with lots of children and adults, who live in its 40 units. Contact information can be found on .

Sharingwood is a cooperative community using a model of living called co-housing. Homes are privately owned with some rental spaces and an abundance of shared amenities which include: a 23-acre forested greenbelt with trails, campground, and a stream; playgrounds and a play field; productive community gardens and fruit trees; and a community center called “the Common House”.

This is a social neighborhood where people strive to know each other and work together cooperatively. They have many social events such as community dinners, parties, and meetings. They use consensus decision-making to decide how to work together to run their community.