Traffic & Safety 

As the Echo Lake Community Group began asking the community for input, one theme tended to consistently rise above other concerns with many folks in the community. The issues encompassed the notion that our roads posed a danger to pedestrians, wildlife, children and other vehicles. We have experienced injury, car accidents, excessive speed, passing on yellow lines, death and many close encounters. Many people have asked to find ways to calm this dangerous condition.

The county is aware of our deteriorating traffic safety record.  They are part of our discussion, however the community as the primary stakeholder, is responsible for determining corrective action. There are many solutions on the table to be considered. The best solution would be better behavior by everyone living in the community, however there are people believing they have the 'freedom' to behave as they choose. This is a complex issue and your help is needed to properly address the needs of the community traffic and safety of our neighbors.

First Public Meeting

The meetings to address this concern have begun. The first public forum on Traffic & Safety was held on July 28, 2020. The meeting was led by our president, Janet Macher and was well attended by stakeholders for a safer community. If you were unable to attend this discussion, a video is available below by clicking on the title page. The password is;    dT+tmpJ9

Please note the actual meeting begins around 23 minutes into the video. We recommend you jump ahead those 23 minutes to the start of the meeting.

Petition for Echo Lake loop Speed Limit Change

There was a lot of talk about the traffic and safety around the Echo Lake loop road during our Zoom call in July 2020. A petition was circulated to validate support from the community for a reduction in the speed limit on the 1.2 mile stretch that circles Echo Lake. We had a great response!  Speed study followed which did not support the change.  We continue to focus on things that we can do within our community and with the support from Snohomish Public Works to improve the traffic and safety conditions here in Echo Lake Community.  We will update this page when we have more information - but know that work is in progress!  

Please review the petition to read the concerns being addressed: 

Below are additional documents that you may be interested in. 

Thank you for your support

The presentation shown during the meeting is included below.

Traffic Safety Presentation 28Jul20.pdf