Our Wild Neighbors

One of the dominant characteristics of our neighborhoods is the presence of wildlife. The local natives have adapted to our presence, in their own way. From time to time our interactions with wildlife cause injury. While this is unavoidable we strive to be advocates for the local critters as they do not have a voice in the community.

Wildlife Emergency?

If you discover an injured creature there is a number to call for assistance;

Sarvey Wildlife at 360-435-4817

Approved Wildlife Signs

From time to time everyone has an opportunity to make a difference and do something of benefit to the greater good. Through the efforts of several people a focus group was formed and worked with the county to get approval for several signs shown below. The signs and their locations have been approved by the county. The signs were purchased using designated donations. You may have seen these around the community. If you were not involved and would like to put up a sign, please contact president@echolakecommunity.org for details.