Home Fire Safety

The Echo Lake Community Group is focusing on residential home fire prevention and natural fire mitigation.  

The Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue (SRFR) public information team led by Kaitlin King and Deputy Chief Michael McConnell gave a very informative (and fun!) presentation regarding methods to minimize fire impact from wildfires or even localized property fires. Their experience with fire danger mitigation in the Northwest was evident with the depth of their knowledge and their practical ideas on how we make changes around the exteriors of our homes to reduce fire risk.  The slides from our special presentation can be found HERE.

You will find below several powerful and useful aids to protect you and your family from fire.


Fire-Resistant Plants for the Puget Sound Basin

Selecting native plants suited to the characteristics of your site will help ensure you have the most vibrant healthy landscape possible. Native plants require little or no watering and are less susceptible to stress.  Click HERE for the detail list.

Firewise Hazard Checklist

This subject is especially important in our area where our trees and vegetation can pose a significant risk.  Click HERE for the graphic details.

Home Fire Safety Checklist

This checklist is a great place to find peace of mind, knowing you have taken some basic steps to protect your family.   Click HERE to see the checklist.

Escape Planning Worksheet

Fires move fast so by planning ahead and practicing that plan, could save lives.  Click HERE for the worksheet.