Thank You

Over the years we have received appreciation from the community for specific projects, events or actions. In the past we gratefully accepted these comments, now we want to also reflect back to the community that appreciation in this space. While this is not a complete list, it does represent the notion we are making a difference in how people feel about the community.


“The road looks great!! By the bags piled along the road, it looks like there was more lurking in the grass than you see as you drive by. A big thank you to my neighbors for your tenacity. I love living in Echo Lake.” Daralee Newkirk

“We want to thank the neighbors who are cleaning and picking trash on Echo and Lost Lake Roads. Lots of work but it looks great. THANK YOU VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!” Dean & Marilyn

“Thank you for cleaning up our streets. You guys rocked it today.” Susy Scott

“Thank you very much. It looks so much better!” Cathy Leddy

“Thank you so much! They are awesome working out there in this icky cold weather.” Christina Garkusha

“You guys ROCK!! I saw a lot of garbage bags on the road. WOW!!” Connie Hans Young

“Thank you! It truly makes a huge difference.” Cathy Leddy

“What an awesome contribution to the beauty of our community! Thank you!” Ann Beaulieu

There are more comments HERE.

Maltby Food Bank Collection

"Thank you for coordinating this and fostering a supportive community here in Echo Lake!" Krista Torrey

"Thank you for doing this for our community!" Ann and Joe Beaulieu

"Thank you for doing this!" Tina and Paul

"Thank you so much for making it easy to donate!" Tonya Nooner-May