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Parade - June - End of School

Plan to be a part of the Echo Lake community car parade to honor all learners, educators, parents (who had to step in as educators-at-home) and especially 2021 high school and college graduates. To celebrate the last week of school for the Monroe School District, the community is preparing to honor and acknowledge all those who rode out the ‘20-21 Covid learn-from-home storm to pursue education and learning. All vehicles (classic, antique, 2-wheeled, decorated or “plain Jane”) are invited to drive in the parade. If you can safely invite grandparents and family, plan a celebration picnic and be a driveway waver, honker, or pan banger along the parade route. Join the celebration for teachers, learners, and graduates and their parents–either by driving in the parade or by cheering from your driveway. This community plans to celebrate success!

For Graduates: If you have a 2021 high school or college graduate to fete that day, please send your student’s name and your email contact information to