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Everyone has something they find compelling and interesting. We have found several people with common interests, and provided a space where they can share thoughts or ideas. Listed below are the current groups. As a member of any group, your comments are only visible within the group. If you would like to join a topic of conversation, click the 'Join' link or send an email to referencing the topics that interest you and we will add you to those groups.

Echo Lake General Community

Our community is connecting with one another in ways we could not imagine even a couple of years ago. Just knowing that someone nearby cares, warms the heart. As a community we are stronger together and have found sharing on Google Groups is one way to bring us together. This is a private group that is only visible to its members. If you live in the Echo Lake Community, then this space is for you to share thoughts, concerns and general insight.

You will also be sent our monthly community newsletter. To join, please click here.

Traffic & Safety Focus Group

As the Echo Lake Community Group began asking the community for input, one theme tended to consistently rise above other concerns with many folks in the community. The issues encompassed the notion that our roads posed a danger to pedestrians, wildlife, children and other vehicles. Many people have asked to find ways to calm this dangerous condition. If you would like to help define a solution to this growing issue, check out our latest update and contact to be included in the ongoing focus group discussions.

For more information please click here.

Emergency Preparedness

Disasters and emergencies are part of life. If we are prepared before they happen, the initial shock is minimized and recovery is a lot easier. Being prepared can be a daunting task. So learning from others experience can make it easier to prepare. This space is provided to allow everyone to share what they have done to prepare or learn what others have done.

Map Your Neighborhood

Neighborhoods that are prepared for emergencies and disaster situations save lives, reduce the severity of injuries and trauma and reduce property damage. In addition, contributing as an individual and working together as a team helps develop stronger communities and improve the quality of life in the community. If you would like to be kept up to date with this important program or share your experiences, this space is for you.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch works. It helps reduce the risk to you, your family and your home. It also reduces fear, which can sometimes be as harmful to a community as crime itself. Thank you for being a part of the solution.

  • Report crime and suspicious activity when you see it.

  • Get acquainted with your neighbors.

  • Take away the opportunity for crime to occur in your neighborhood.

Neighborhood Watch is built upon the notion that crime prevention is a shared responsibility.


Our community is coming together through the work of volunteers who are making a difference. Everyone has strengths and a desire to do something good. This group is making a difference today and the community is becoming more resilient with the ongoing programs. If you would like to hear about opportunities to volunteer and make a difference, this space is for you. There is no commitment, just an opportunity to stay informed about volunteer opportunities.

Wildlife Interest Group

Almost everyone loves animals. Some are pets but most are wild animals living amongst us humans. We share this world with the creatures of the woods. They were here first, then we moved in. Now we tend to enjoy their presence perhaps more than they enjoy ours. In any case we can observe, record, and report sightings. We can share the awe inspiring events happening every day. This space is provided for just that purpose.

Local Business and Artisans

If you have a local business or create artwork, we have provided this space for you to share with other folks with similar challenges. Running a business can be difficult, especially when balancing time and resources with family. Too many times, the business world seems to take more that it gives. This is but one challenge that you can share and discuss in this space.

Echo Lake Garden Club

If you love gardening we have a meeting place where you can share tips, insight and news. We are fortunate to have a climate that favors our local foliage year round. Managing the collection of plants, insects and animals that share our yards is a worthy experience. If you enjoy learning about gardening this might be the place to share your experience or learn what someone else has learned or accomplished.

Book Clubs

If you love reading good books and sharing with like minded folks, consider joining one of two book clubs. The group reads the same book, then discuss the book and perspectives, over a Zoom get together. If you discovering through reading this might be the place to share your experience or learn what someone else has taken from the book.

Community Leader

If you are inspired by the type of programs and news we bring to the community and would like to contribute your time and talents, please reach out to us. It is a great feeling to do something larger than ourselves, especially when it is in our own community. If you would like to contribute your time to the community, please let us know. We are always looking for good people to share in the excitement of community development. For most of us, we did not even know each other a year ago, now we are enjoying a journey of discovery, together as friends.

If that sounds good to you, please contact me with an Email to