Our Community

Our community can be defined by where we live, how we live and the neighbors that call this place home. This multi dimensional place is home to thousands of men, women, children, pets, wildlife and the rest of mother nature. How we relate to these dimensions define the community. See the 'Pictures' page to view a series of photos that provide some perspective of this complex community.

Where We Live

Our community is located around Echo Lake and Lost Lake in south Snohomish County of Washington State. We are fortunate to be in the great northwestern corner of the United States, between the Cascade mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

Our climate is mostly moderated by the Pacific Ocean; therefore, the region is green year round.

Located 34 miles northeast of Seattle, 26 miles north of Bellevue, 16 miles from our post office in Snohomish and 23 miles east of Everett, the Snohomish County Seat.

Located near Maltby where children attend elementary and middle school, and 13 miles south of Monroe High School where students are bused.

Located 10 miles from the nearest restaurant, 15 miles from the nearest hospital, and 10 miles from the nearest community park.

Comprised of 6.9 square miles and 1,550 residential homes—most are single family dwellings but there are also residents in one mobile home park.

Affected by tall evergreens, cell phone service is questionable for many residents and TV reception is often unreliable, even by satellite dish services.

While many have water available from a water district, others must rely on water from private wells. People rely on septic systems for wastewater removal. A few homes are heated solely by wood.

Crime is not our highest priority concern despite mailbox thefts, vandalism, some sexual assaults and even a very rare murder.

No, we are not rural like Alaska, North Dakota or Montana. But we are “rural” in our traffic-congested Pacific Northwest community, isolating residents in a different way.

The People

There are an estimated 3,863 residents. Most of us live down single access roads. The challenges of living in a rural setting is shared by most. Some of the more dense neighborhoods are more like a standard suburb, but for most there is the challenge of nature and the pleasure of solitude. Unlike city dwellers, our population density is only 563 people per square mile. This compares to Woodinville at 2,055 people per square mile and Monroe at 2,922 people per square mile. This is why we can still enjoy the wildlife.

Snohomish County has a population of about 215,000 people, heavily populated along the north-south Interstate 5 corridor closest to the Puget Sound. This is the third largest county in the state of Washington.

The Lakes

The lakes are a natural resource put at risk by humans living nearby. Thankfully the folks living within the watershed feeding the lakes have managed their impact on the water quality of the lakes. And the local folks that monitor the lake water quality help assure this resource is preserved for generations to come. Have you wondered about the water in these lakes? How deep is the lake? Are the fish stocked periodically? Is there a mysterious creature living in the depths of the lake? Well the data to answer those questions can be found in The Lakes Information.

Your Community Support

The leadership is working hard to keep everyone informed, provide a safer community and bring folks together because 'We Are Stronger Together". This is happening with;

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