Build a Kit

Food & Water

Take a look around your kitchen. Could you survive two weeks on what’s there? Minus power? Minus running water? A well-organized emergency kit needs to sustain your household for 30 days in our area.   Follow these suggestions when building your kit:

One gallon of water per person, per day.

Store a supply of non-perishable food.  Select foods that require no refrigeration or cooking and little or no water, such as:

When the power goes out, use refrigerator foods first and then the frozen foods; use them before they spoil. Use the canned and boxed foods last.


For more medical needs information click HERE.

For First Aid instructions, click HERE.


Clothing and Bedding

Special Items

Important Documents

After a major disaster, you may need financial assistance and will want to document any property loss for insurance and income tax purposes. Have ready access to the documents necessary for completing application forms, as well as those which could be difficult to replace.   This will help reduce delay and frustration.

At a minimum: