The Wendy Wester Story

The whirling, metal pinwheel at their gate is an invitation to the spinning lives of Mike Call and Wendy Wester. Their home took a hit in the ice storm last winter (2020), requiring a new roof on their gazebo and garage repairs from a tree that came down. Still, this place is their chosen retreat from a life with too much stress. Here Wendy and Mike have together found serenity and time to pursue a treasured relationship with each other. Neighbors and sweethearts long ago in their Los Angeles middle school, Mike and Wendy set aside their mutual crush, moved on, and lost touch for many years as young adults. After their first marriages each ended, they rediscovered their childhood friendship and a new camaraderie.

Sharing their lives for the last ten years, they have found a joy in marriage that transcends the time when they had gone separate ways. The two enjoy the serenity of the lakes on their kayaks and share Mike’s first love, snowmobiling. Tackling projects together, they have lovingly restored their red and white 1955 Ford pick-up truck, which led the Echo Lake Fourth of July Car Parade. As members of the Woodinville Cruisers, this couple delights in the smiles that car cruise-byes bring as they drive through neighborhoods to celebrate memorable events in other people’s lives.

As a realtor and member of the Echo Lake Community Group board, Wendy delights in the process of getting to know others and developing lifelong relationships. She loves helping home buyers and sellers navigate the transaction process, but that is secondary to the friendships she forges during those life-changing events. She remembers fondly that she and Mike first found a dream home outside their designated area in Echo Lake Community. They had their hopes dashed when that home sale fell through. Brushing off the loss, they promptly put their money down on the next home that popped on the market, even though it had none of the features on their list of essentials—except one. This home, too, was at least in the community which had stolen their hearts.

Mike, a licensed electrician and now an electrical inspector, has given volunteer time to consult with the Echo Lake Community Church and with neighbors who have home generator questions. He donated his sign-making expertise to create a large, congratulatory sign at the church in June for our local graduates who did not get to experience a traditional commencement in 2020.

Mike and Wendy have made their two-story house the home of their dreams where they would like to live forever. In this time and this place, they have created their own sanctuary and refuge where they can de-stress. It allows space for the two of them to renew their lives together and cozy up with their canine family members, two Mini Australian Shepherds, Gunner and Ellie Mae. They can share their skills and talents with this secluded Northwest community to help others here enjoy the good life. Here the crazy winds of life calm a little. Here the wildly spinning pinwheel slows a bit. Here they can relax in the joy of these woods and celebrate a new-found life back together again.