Block Party 2022

This years biggest event is now history. It was bigger and better this year with participation exceeding expectations. We hope you were able to be there. We had a party with raffles, free ice cream and popcorn, pony rides and the cutest little goats. Vendors brought their artistry to the fair and many of you took it home. Thank you.

Check out the photo collection HERE.

Wayne Peterson provided most of these photos. Thank You!

It was an opportunity for neighbors to meet neighbors!

The turn-out was awesome.... we hope you were able to be there.

Artisans & Vendors

One of the things that made this event special is showing the special talents of local artists and crafts.

It was a great way to advertise and be recognized by the community.

Returning Favorite.....

.... 'Best of Both Worlds' ....

.... Food Truck ....

Back by popular demand....

Event Layout Map